Vintage Bedroom Decor Settings

Has the exaggerated brightness of modern bedroom decor left you longing for the calm of rustic’ decor? Do you desire for something different than the shiny decor seen in home furnishing stores across town? This something different is vintage bedroom decor. Bold yet warm. Inviting and yet mysterious. It draws you in unlike any other type of decor, making you want to take it all in. Use of vintage decor is not an art for an isolated few. You too can master how to bring different aspects of vintage decor together for a captivating look in the bedroom. You only need to focus on one element at a time and carry on adding more as you progress. The mainĀ  points to work on are color, texture, soft furnishings and accents.

Warm colors and pastels are your best option when it comes to painting your bedroom in vintage hues. Good choices include yellow, faint/very light orange, mauve, apple green, lilac, pink, cream, beige, and red. Pick a palette where you’re using 1-2 dominant colors or a combination of several hues. Use white and black to set your palette if you like. Earth colors are also central to a vintage bedroom theme. Any color that gives a feel of the natural is okay – you won’t go wrong with greens, browns and grey. Vintage decor is richly brought out by variation in texture. Vary the textures of bedroom surfaces and fabrics such as walls, floor covering, rugs, drapes and bedding, balancing out the silky soft with the coarse and tough.