Top Furniture Stores in Qatar

Furniture has definitely become one of the most important factors of our lives and it’s no different when it comes to picking furniture in the country of Qatar. Typically all the Middle East countries have a sort of heir to themselves when it comes to living and lifestyle. This also includes furniture, most of the furniture that is available is considered to be luxurious. But times have changed and we have seen more and more stores coming up with furniture that is not only luxurious but also made easily affordable for the moderate and average earning people.

Topping the list of furniture stores in Qatar is Home Centre. What started out as a single store in Sharjah has now become everyone’s go to place when it comes to transforming your house into a home. They have over 75 stores worldwide including Qatar. You can buy all types of furniture at Home Centre and also furnishings, home accessories, bed & bath and kitchenware. They are truly the number one destination for all your home shopping woes.

The next best place to pick up some fantastic furniture would be Kare Design. Kare have always been known for their out of the box type of designs when it comes to their catalog of furniture. People who usually opt for Kare furniture are cosmopolitan, tolerant, spontaneous, trend-oriented, humorous – and probably a little crazy, too. You can choose from over 4500 products that range from furniture, lighting, furnishing accessories and gift articles.

Another top location for buying furniture in Qatar would be Gautier. Gautier provides a wide range of products and services, they also have a 5 year warranty on all their products except the sofas which have a 2 year warranty. You can be assured of an on time delivery and their flexible financing options. At Gautier you also have an option of visualizing how your room would look thanks to their 3D planner.

Rafco is your next choice of furniture destination who offer a wide range of modern and contemporary styles. You can find almost all types of unique designs at Rafco.

If you are more of the online shopper then Apollo Furniture is the place for you, they have a catalog that is available both online and offline. Apart from their furniture collection you can also opt for their interior design services and their bespoke curtains and blinds services. Apollo has a range of furniture that is their own but they also have furniture that is imported from other popular global brands.

Speaking of brands Ikea is quite popular all over the world including Qatar. Ikea is another go to place for all your housing needs and is practically a dream for any women who is setting up their kitchen. Ikea stores have a unique manner of displaying their products which makes any person fall in love with the interiors.

Qatar is a wonderful place to holiday and also settle down, hence if you are looking for the perfect place to shop for your favorite furniture then don’t hesitate to browse the various number of options.