Modern Office Design 2015

It’s always interesting to see how office trends evolve and how they affect the workplace and workplace relations. Office designs have an impact on how productive employees become and how much is accomplished at the end of the working day. Having a modern office design is a good way to get your team motivated for work. It’s not too late to implement the changes that have taken over offices in 2015 as the tend is set to continue for another year or so.

One of the key things a modern design should do is make the office feel like a second home. When trying to achieve this, comfort should be your goal. Go for furniture that is comfortable and nothing like the sturdy, formal office units of old. Your intention should be to turn the office space into a place workers can happily overstay even past their working hours. Couches, cosy lounge suites and sofas have made a major entrance into offices in 2015, and not just for the waiting or reception area. Now, they form part of the working area space. Employees can plunge into these luxurious seats and continue working in their projects from here, as they would on a traditional desk. If you don’t feel bound by office traditions, throw in a hammock or bean bag. It will inspire the free spirits in the office to keep going, spurred on by the soothing, swinging motion of the hammock.

Out goes the corner office and its declaration of might as management joins junior workers on the same floor. Whether in an open plan setting or with well placed enclosures for privacy, having the bosses share the office with their juniors is another component of the 2015 modern office design. It’s a great way to make management look approachable and enhance the relationship between them and employees. The winner for you is that workers are wont to actually work and not laze around, now that the boss can see their every move. More productivity, more profits, and better results overall is what you get eventually.

Ergonomic office settings have been around for a while and continue to be embraced by offices both large and small. However, it is the addition of treadmill desks, standing desks and bosu ball desks that sets 2015 as the year when the office concept originators decided to make the workplace all about health. These innovations have seen more and more workers spend time on their feet and less time sitting. When employees are healthier, it goes without saying that productivity remains at an all time high. Start with the standing desks, the more affordable option, and see what difference it makes in your business then you can consider adding the rest. The office gym is now a permanent fixture in many workplaces. Remember to make provisions for one in your modern office design. Having a conducive place where workers can exercise at no extra cost will earn you more points from your employees and they are likely to give their best at work and stay loyal.

The 2015 modern office design is all about mixing work and play in a soft way that doesn’t make you look like you’re trying too hard. Pick which trends above will work best in your organization or business and adopt them. They may be all you need to see better business this year.