Luxury Kitchen Interiors From the UK

For sometime now, the kitchen has been more than the meal preparation room in the home. With modern interior decor giving today’s kitchen an uber contemporary look, many home owners have converted this once not-so-glamorous room into the meet and entertain room. Why not get the best of style and function with a luxury kitchen? Offered in a range of styles by top UK kitchen specialists, luxury kitchens are the ultimate way to express personality and style.

They can be fully bespoke or you can opt for installation-ready, outfitted luxury kitchens. Both offer a high level of glamour and sophistication but the bespoke variety helps you stamp your own style in every part of the kitchen. Lacquered finishes, textured finishes and understated decorative detailing are common trends in luxury kitchens. Unusual designs of kitchen cabinets, upholstered dining chairs, and an all aluminum kitchen are other things you can look to add to create a luxury kitchen. Blending naturals and subtle colours adds a classy touch to any luxury kitchen.

Prices for ready, luxury kitchen start at L15, 000 for units that include cabinetry, pantry cabinetry, large kitchen island, work surfaces, and integrated kitchen lighting. Other features like integrated recycling bin storage and a host of optional features can be included in the quoted price. Complete luxury kitchens attract as much as L30,00 and above. Different kitchen experts will quote different prices depending on the number of features availed in the kitchen and how exclusive they are. For instance, are the cabinets hand painted? Does the kitchen contain slab doors or wall-to-ceiling units? Some top kitchen designers and suppliers in the UK are Sheraton Kitchens, John Lewis, Karl Benz, Tom Howley, Plain English, Wickes Kitchen, Kitchens by Design, Funktional Kitchens, Kitchen Kraft, Perrin and Rowe, Designer Kitchens, Moore, and Hammonds Luxury Kitchens.

Some of these kitchen suppliers are quite affordable and you may be surprised at the fair price it costs you to have your own fairly luxurious kitchen. If you are after premium British, Italian or German kitchens though, you’ll need to pay a lot more. Your newly acquired investment will look exquisite for years, so this is an investment you certainly can afford to splurge on. If you want to enjoy the allure of a luxury kitchen but do not have the budget for it, you can embark on a D-I-Y project of incorporating as many luxury features as you can afford in the kitchen. Using these ideas as inspiration, find what design would appeal to your style and imitate it in your kitchen, tweaking, adding and changing what you think would look better in your opinion. After all, you should be able to enjoy every aspect of your kitchen.

The era of luxury kitchens is upon us. These glamorous creations that we once only coveted from afar are now largely affordable and come in a massive variety of styles, from bespoke to contemporary and traditional to modern combinations. Find a luxury kitchen expert in the UK and you are well on your way to owning your dream luxury kitchen.