Handmade Furniture Shopping in Ireland

The Irish have always been known to produce some of the best products when it comes to food and drinks, but what many are not aware of is the fact that they are also the creators of some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture. As many other things with the Irish everything is rather authentic with their lifestyle. Be it the farm they live in or the food they consume the Irish have always believed in going down to their roots and making things from scratch, hence when it comes to furniture too you will notice that sense of authenticity in the Irish household. Most of the furniture that is produced in Ireland is vintage, but you can buy modern and contemporary furniture designs too.

One of the top Irish shops and manufacturers who deal with handmade furniture collections are Fineline Furniture. They have over 35 years of dedicated service solely in handmade sofas and chairs. All their furniture is made in Ireland by the Irish craftspeople and they use only the best in materials whether it is the frames, foams or fibers. You can also customize your sofa or chair as per your liking since they cater to bespoke products as well. They also offer you the choice of visiting their factory in order to see your sofa being made right in front of your eyes.

Another popular store is the Irish Furniture Store, keeping true to the Irish culture you will find a range of modern and contemporary designs but with a hint of nostalgia. They also produce only some of the finest when it comes to handmade furniture and also have the option of buying their products online.

Our next location Woodlands Furniture have over 50 years of experience behind them. They specialize in all types of furniture which include dining room furniture, dining sets or dining table and chairs, living room furniture, including coffee tables and bookshelves, bedroom furniture, like wardrobes and chest of drawers, home office furniture, and occasional furniture, including our popular consoles and hall tables. All their furniture is made only from the best quality wood that range from beech, cherry, mahogany, oak, pine, and walnut. Apart from furniture they also have a catalog of accessories that would compliment your furniture which is made easily available online and at their stores.

Harvey Norman is quite a popular name in the business when it comes to producing beautiful pieces of furniture. They are one of the largest retailers of furniture having over 300 stores worldwide. They have 12 stores in Ireland alone that have 600,000 sqft of retail showrooms in all. Harvey Norman employees believe that value is the key and no matter the cot but they will never let you compromise on the quality and style of a product if you not happy with it. You will find that they have a vast collection of products in all budgets which cater to the moderate and rich crowd.

These are not the only places to pick the best furniture, other stores include Flanagans Furniture, Shane Tubrid Furniture and much more.