Traditional Bedroom Furniture from India

India has really famous for its traditional culture. It is because India’s culture has expanded in a good ways and well-accepted by many people. Its culture has manifested throughout many aspects in life. One of them is even manifested by the furniture. We can see a distinct culture of one nation through a specific part of a home. So to be precise in this article we will talk about the traditional bedroom furniture designs in India. What is really unique from their traditional bedroom furniture? If you are a home interior designer, or interested in the traditional furniture you may as well take fundamental things that exist in India’s traditional bedroom furniture styles so you can recreate it with your own brilliant idea to maximize the effect

Material of the Furniture
Though India is one of the Asian countries, it is different from the countries such as China and Japan that are also known for its traditional furniture. India’s furniture does not use bamboo. Like most western furniture it actually uses the other hardwood such as rose wood. If you want to be more precise, the type of rose wood that is used in India’s furniture is Shesham or people also call it India’s red wood. It has variety of natural color shade from golden brown to darker color like reddish brown. With this natural color, the wood itself would already pretty. You perhaps only need to polish the wood without applying any paint to make it look natural. The other strong features from this type of wood are durable, resistant to termites, and easy to be polished. So using this type of wood for bedroom furniture perhaps has its own advantage considering its durability and resistance.

The Wood Carving Of Furniture
Wood carving is the heart of any traditional furniture that exists. India’s bedroom furniture is not an exception. The design of wood carving in India’s furniture expresses the thickness of its culture. The culture of traditional India has its stem to the teaching of Hindu. That is why we will see many Hindu’s symbolism in the wood carving of traditional furniture. Mostly they carve the symbol of Hindu’s god such as Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma. Besides the other symbol that represent the other gods also common in the India’s traditional carving. The local floras like lotus or mandala leaf have also become the inspiration of India’s wood carving. You will often find them decorating the wood carving of Hindu’s god.

Traditional India’s Bedroom Furniture Design
Mostly, in traditional India’s bedroom there are three main points of furniture. These three points of bedroom furniture are bed frame, wardrobe, and dresser table. The color that is chosen should be darker. Choose mainly dark color like dark brown reddish brown. These dark colors will be able to well synchronize with the color of the carpets, sheets, and cushions that decorate the entire part of the room which also have same type of color. Well you also need to know that these decorations play important role as well as the furniture in traditional India.