Top 7 Furniture Stores of Calgary

Calgary is a great place to buy furniture. The city has an extensive array of furniture stores offering furniture for every taste and budget. In our article, we would like to represent you with some of the most outstanding examples for each style and sort of home furniture that you can get to buy in Calgary, Canada.

Country Living Furniture
Country Living Furniture is definitely a place we suggest you to visit, because the company is the reseller of several brands, which are all specialists in quality wooden home furniture, in country style, classic style and even Amish style. The brands they offer include quality Canadian furniture brands such as Barrymore, Camlen, Hotzon, Hudson, True North and several others with each brands having its own style and specialisation. Therefore, Country Living Furniture has an especially extensive range of furniture on offer. Country Living also offers interior design services and makes furniture on custom orders.

McArthur Fine Furniture
This is another great quality home furniture company in Calgary, Canada, which has an especially large range of furniture on offer. McArthur is the retailer of over 15 Canadian and international furniture brands which makes its collections great and diverse. Although definitely a brand for the larger budget, McArthur is indeed worth visiting and it is one of the largest furniture companies of Calgary, offering furniture for the whole home, patio and garden.

Calgary is proud to have an IKEA, which is of course overly popular to visit when it comes to contemporary furniture. IKEA has just everything on offer, and with its prices, it counts as one of the cheapest furniture companies in the world. Furnish your home quickly and effortlessly with the furniture and rich collection of home ware at IKEA.

Bracko Brothers
Bracko is a great furniture store that offers quality contemporary furniture for an affordable price. Acting as the reseller of multiple brands, the variety of furniture at Bracko is indeed extensive. They have an especially large collection of textile and leather sofas and their other specialty is being the only local reseller of the Amish furniture range Simply Amish in Calgary, Canada.

Ambers Furniture
Ambers Furniture is one of the most popular stores selling home decor and furniture in Calgary, Canada. Here, you can get to find a huge range and number of home furniture for every room: sofas, tables, beds, chairs and storage items in huge variety. Ambers have all Canadian made quality wooden furniture and affordable prices. The comp any also has special ranges of furniture and continuously ongoing Sales sections for those with smaller budget.

Antiques warehouse
Antiques Warehouse is the largest antique dealer in Calgary, Canada that sells the largest range of antique furniture coming from all around the world. You can get to find beautiful antique pieces of furniture in this store, great authentic accessories and vintage furniture in an extreme variety. Check out Antiques Warehouse for quality original home furniture.

Restoration Hardware
RH Furniture is one of the most original furniture stores of Canada offering a fantastic range of used and restored furniture and furniture made out of reclaimed wood. RH Furniture is a great choice, when you want some classic and country style rustic pieces of home furniture as an addition to your current set. It is interesting to note, that RH Furniture is one of the most expensive furniture brands in the country.