Furniture & Home Decor in Saudi Arabia

The home is never complete without a set of good furniture. Other than the functional role it plays in providing seating, storage and other uses, furniture beautifies the home, helping you show a side of your personality that can be fun, playful, elegant, sophisticated or reserved. Furniture shopping in Saudi Arabia opens your eyes to the diversity embraced in designing and making furniture. A look through the various furniture stores reveals designer furniture, exclusive furniture editions, semi-custom furniture designs and more. Dealers stock all styles of furniture, from antique pieces to vintage furniture, traditional furniture, contemporary furniture, designer furniture and custom furniture.

Many furniture stores in the kingdom are congregated in shopping malls, where most shopping activities take place. Saudi Arabia malls are modern and bear the contemporary architectural excellence of the sky high, multi-storeyed building complexes that can be seen dotting the skyline of cities around the world. These malls attract thousands of shoppers every day. What better location would furniture dealers find for their ware? Inside the malls are showrooms of local, regional and international furniture companies. Together, they present a diverse product range that will appeal to locals, expatriates and visitors alike.

Local and regional furniture stores are the best places to stop by for traditional Arabic furniture. They also have pieces with rich Indian influences and are a good source of oriental furniture. The furniture comes in different standard sizes, but if you want you’re furniture bigger or smaller, the stores give you the option of buying custom made furniture. This will be designed in your desired shape, dimensions and materials. Traditional wood is still a popular choice of furniture material here, with many local furniture companies using it to make their products. But metal and glass are increasingly used to make modern furniture. Best local and regional stores to begin your search are Home Center, Midas Furniture, Zamani Furniture, Almutlaq Furniture, Home Box Furniture, Al Dulaijan Furniture, Asfour Furniture, Abyat, Dimos Furniture and Jeraisy Group.

A number of international furniture stores have stores in Saudi Arabia. BoConcept, KARE, West Elm, IKEA, Roche Bobois, Zara Home and Pottery Barn are some of the modern global brands you can buy in Saudi Arabia. Their showrooms are regularly updated with the latest furniture made in modern designs. Furniture shopping in Saudi Arabia is never complete without a trip to one of these stores. Quality selections of living room furniture, sofas, coffee tables, bedroom sets, lounge suites, recliners, bookcases, entertainment units, dining room and chairs, sideboards, occasional furniture, benches, and more are all offered in single units and sets.

Furniture shopping in Saudi Arabia takes you to the largest shopping malls in the kingdom. Choose the most ideal furniture for your space from the dozens of local, regional and international furniture companies operating showrooms in the area. Modern furniture, traditional furniture, antique furniture, designer furniture, and custom furniture are some of the furniture styles that you can buy in the country.